Bespoke Staircase 

Whether you are refurbishing your existing staircase or planning on having brand new bespoke staircase, our team at Dream House Design can help you find the perfect stair solution for your project. 

Creating your staircase. 

We believe that the staircase is one of the most important elements of the house and can be turned from a simple practical feature into a focal point of the living space. Our team can help you achieve your dream staircase to fit perfectly into your home and suit the lifestyle that you lead as well as your budget. 
A list of factors to include in your budget phase: 
A staircase is expected to be a eye-catching feature. 
A floating staircase can open up your home, let light in and create an amazing feature becoming the focal point of your home. 
If light and space are something you wish to increase, or if you want a modern staircase, a combination of glass and natural oak is the perfect solution. 
Glass balustrade is a must-have giving you maximum light and view. 
Adding metal feature to a modern timber or glass staircase can give an extra dimension. 
A zig-zag steel spine with LED light under treads can add a modern feature to a floating staircase  
Staircase frame: different style of railing to finish your stair frame from stainless steel rail to glass pannel. 


At Dream House Design we are working side by side with our clients in order to deliver a product to their highest expectation. 
Work in progress: Zig Zag spine floating staircase design and build by Dream House Design. 


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