Home Extensions and refurbishments 

Building your dream extension, whether that is a single storey extension, to enhance your ground floor space, or a double storey extension, creating additional bedrooms and bathrooms, Dream House Design will help you build accommodation for a growing family, children who are returning from university or elderly parents who are moving back in for additional support. 

Move or invest into your current home? 

Many of our clients have decided to extend their current home rather than going through the stress of moving. Trying to navigate estate agents, mortgage brokers, solicitors, and all the fees associated with these professionals. Other options are to refurbish and re-energise your living spaces. 
Refurbishing your existing home  
From a simple project of redecoration to a more advanced remodelling of internal rooms to find that office or additional bedroom, our team at Dream House Design, can work with you to redesign the floor space and reshape your home. 

How we do this? 

In partnership with our highly professional trades teams, we work with you to re-invigorate your home. 
We only use competent trades on our sites, our carpenters are experts in their field, and we can install new staircases, replace all your internal and external doors and relay wooden flooring, all adding to the aesthetic look and feel of your refreshed home. 
Utilising existing garage spaces 
Having a car in London may not be a necessity, so using a space allocated for a garage can create a wonderful new room. 
Painting and decorating 
We work with the best painters and decorators; our teams have worked in some of the most luxurious new home developments in London. 
Remodelling current floor plans to create new rooms 
Utilising your floor space in a more imaginative way. If you need to create new rooms for a growing family, add in utility rooms, additional cloakrooms, an office, or a playroom, remodelling your space can achieve any of this and is a cost-effective way of making additional spaces. 
Changing the layout of your home to find space for your home office 
Lockdown and the pandemic has forced many people to work from home and while that was only expected to be temporary, the dining room table or bedroom sufficed, now many companies are expecting their staff to work permanently from home, creating a quiet office space away from a busy family has become essential. Changing the layout of your home can create that office space and provide the quiet room needed for many busy executives. 
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